My Work

Krissey is a recent graduate of Catawba College. Her theatre career began writing, directing, designing, and performing in children's theatre productions in her hometown of Wilkesboro, NC. While studying musical theatre in college, Krissey discovered a passion for marketing and arts administration, leading her to two marketing internships.

Krissey is a strong communicator and a collaborator. She easily gains the respect of her co-workers with her meticulous attention to detail, strong leadership skills, and knack for organization. When a job needs to get done, Krissey is the first to step up to the plate, eagerly taking on the task at hand with a bright and optimistic attitude. 

Outside of the theatre, Krissey enjoys taking a step behind the camera as a photographer and videographer (okay, mostly for theatrical pursuits, but also exploring the world that happens outside of the stage door), traveling, and spending her time with her friends and family (including her bulldog Sunshine Daisy).

My Life